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Basic Defensive Driving Techniques For Beginners

Driving can be a pleasurable and safe experience if drivers will only master few defensive driving techniques. We all know that it is no longer difficult to learn new things these days as they are simply matters of routine and willpower. And like any other skills, mastering defensive driving only requires practice.

Defensive driving consists of prudence, attentiveness and logical cautiousness with the aim to make road a safe place for drivers and pedestrians. This defensive driving school train drivers to constantly anticipate the unexpected to avoid unforeseen events on the road. By applying the basics of defensive driving, drivers are able to increase their chance of dodging from car crash.

Driving both hands protect yourself in situations where immediate reflexes are essential.

Below are some reminders on how to become a defensive driver on the road:

Pre-Trip Inspection

Protecting yourself against hazards on the road begin by scrutinizing your vehicle before driving. For example, if the headlights of your car are not working properly, other drivers in the road will not see when you change lanes and this can result in tragic collision. Such troubles can be evaded simply by examining your car every day. Start with the lights when checking your vehicle. Turn them on and test out whether your head and tail lights are working effectively. After that, check the turn signals.

Ensure that your tires are not underinflated.

Underinflated tires can amplify the amount of time needed to brake and it also causes overheating. Finally, do not forget to clean the windows of your car. Inside the vehicle, check and adjust the mirrors of your car before you drive. Clean up the control panel of objects to ensure that there will be no objects that will fall in your lap and distract you from driving. Test your horn too. Finally, do not forget to wear your seat belt.

Inside the Car Keep away from any form of distractions when driving.

Using a mobile phone while driving is unsafe and risky, do not call or text. If you need to respond to a very important call pull over before answering the call. Put the CD inside the player before you even start driving or you can simply ask your passenger to turn on the disc jockey. But do not play the disc too loud so you can still take notice of the horn of other vehicles in the road

Drive your car using both hands.

Driving with only one hand is not advisable as this will not give you an opportunity to protect yourself in situations where immediate reflexes are essential. Outside the car be alert and expect for the unexpected situation that may happen around you. You cannot always predict the next moves and turns of other drivers in the road and the only thing that you can do to protect yourself against imprudent drivers is to drive defensively. Maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles will help give you more time to avoid an impending car accident. Moreover, take heed of blind spots and speed up or slow down your car when needed.

using cellphone while driving
Using a mobile phone while driving is unsafe and risky, do not call or text.

Furthermore, adjust your manner of driving with the flow of traffic. Remember that driving too slow is just as dangerous as driving too fast.