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Keeping Your Car Looking Like New

looks like new

If you own and drive one or more cars and efficiency and appearance are important to you, keep in mind these practical tips: Claying You should clay your car at least a couple of times a year after thoroughly washing Read more…

How To Care Your Car

car cleaning

The upholstery in your car normally goes through a lot of wear and tear than most people realize. Spilled drinks, soiled shoes, pets and kids can quickly make the upholstery unsightly. The following are 10 tips to help you keep Read more…

Hybrid Cars: Explained

hybrid car

When considering cars and efficiency, and researching hybrids, the information can often be dizzying. Hybrids utilize both gas and electricity. It is in this that a vehicle can be either more or less efficient. Here is, in part, an explanation. Read more…

Understanding Cars And Efficiency

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Cars and Efficiency in Focus A car runs better and consumes less petrol when it is maintained well. Here are several ways to look after your car and save money in the process: Make sure your car is tuned correctly. Read more…